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How this journey started for me 

Like so many people, I’ve faced many personal challenges throughout life. As a child, my need to be unconditionally loved and supported was met with deep maternal and paternal abandonment, so I adapted by internalising false beliefs about myself and others to survive. As I grew older, with every hurdle or opportunity that arose, these limiting beliefs would resurface, resulting in anxiety and depression and my choosing to be less than who I truly was. For many years I lacked confidence, contentment, happiness, self-love, and worthiness.


Eventually, my soul led me on a spiritual path where I began to get to the heart of who I really am and understand universal truths. Along the way, I connected with divine guidance and support, learning powerful new ways to supersede my past trauma, and break down and remove the limitations that held me back. From there I was able to come into my power and create a life full of happiness and joy that I always longed for.


On this path, I learned so much about myself, about my soul's journey, about human nature and about our connection with the universe. As I progressed and began to heal, I realised my true purpose was as a spiritual healer and way-shower.


Today, using my experiences and a great deal of investment in personal development, courses, and training, I work with people from all over the world. I’m helping them to overcome their challenges, take back their power, realise their worthiness, release their limitations, unconditionally love themselves, and fulfil a true potential that’s aligned with their soul’s purpose. I also like to think I’m playing my small part in assisting with the evolution of human consciousness.


I’m proof that you can overcome problems in life through spiritual coaching, through understanding how your true spiritual nature is underpinning your life experiences, and now I want to help you do the same.


This is my passion.

Virinder Lail

Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Transformation Coach, & founder of Spiritual Healing World

Oracle card reading with Virinder

My qualifications and experience

I’m a certified life coach and mentor and spent many years supporting colleagues at the University of Nottingham, primarily focusing on work performance, low confidence and self-esteem. I went on to complete numerous professional training and leadership programmes, and achieved the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring back in 2017.


Later, I was guided to several spiritual-based healing experiences and programmes, which have given me the knowledge and tools to help people with their spiritual healing. I’m now a certified Soul Integration™ facilitator and continue to learn more about spirituality, discovering new ways to grow and develop for the ultimate transformation of my clients.

Yellow Angel Wings

“I had the pleasure of working with Virinder at the University of Nottingham in both group and 1:1 coaching. He offers great insight in his coaching, based on a genuine thoughtfulness and reflection.” Christine Wilkinson, Leadership and Development Manager

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