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Spiritual and transformational coaching

Spiritual coaching aims to help you overcome personal challenges, and achieve your goals and dreams in any area of life. We can also work together to completely transform your life to unlock new desires and unimaginable potentials.


There is great power within you that’s waiting to be unleashed and I can align you with it. Together we can remove the limitations, some that you may not be aware of, that are stopping you from being all that you are.

Consciously or subconsciously, you create your life in every moment. That’s everything that’s occurring for you now. Are you committed to creating the life you desire? Then let’s work together on making it your reality.


First, we’ll look at what you want to achieve and pinpoint the things – usually internal thoughts or beliefs – that are in the way. We’ll then work on removing these blocks and changing your habits and mindset. Effectively letting go of the past limitations and rewiring your brain to create the life you desire, and more.


Importantly, we’ll explore how everything aligns with your all-encompassing soul, the truth of existence, and the energy and laws of the universe. If you choose, I can also show you how to use the support of your angels and spirit guides. Their assistance is always available to help with your transformation.


For many, the results are remarkable, almost like a true rebirth of life – a life that’s fulfilling, joyful and vibrant.

Spiritual coaching can help you:

  • Find new purpose in life.

  • Reconnect with who you truly are.

  • Change career, follow a new calling and realise your potential.

  • Overcome past trauma or experiences that are holding you back, once and for all.

  • Improve relationships with yourself and others.

  • Develop self-love and attract love into your life.

  • Integrate spiritual experiences like awakenings, near-death moments, past lives, psychic experiences and connecting with other souls.

  • Navigate bereavement and connect with transitioned loved ones.

  • Manifest your dreams and abundance in your life.


There are so many areas of life I can help with, so please book your call below and we’ll discuss your personal circumstances, challenges, goals and desires.

Book your free 30-minute consultation

Spiritual coaching is a very personal experience and its success lies in the relationship between spiritual coach and client.


I want you to feel completely comfortable before we start any coaching. That’s why I offer a free 30-minute personal consultation where I determine the alignment with your requirements and answer questions.

About the sessions

Each spiritual coaching session lasts 75 minutes and can be held in person or online.


Depending on what you wish to achieve and to make meaningful progress, most people will need to commit to a series of sessions. I also have a few packages available. 

"I had four coaching sessions with Virinder where we worked on the root of my beliefs about myself and letting them go. He worked through various tasks to increase my confidence. Afterwards I went for a management job and was successful. I remain very grateful to Virinder and recommend him to anyone.”  Sheree Barlow, Family Support Lead

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