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What is spiritual coaching?

My simple definition of spiritual coaching is "working with (and not against) your soul (the truth of who you truly are) to create your perfect life." Your soul has a great plan for you. I am here to assist you in allowing it to unfold.


You may be familiar with the terms life coach, wellness coach or personal development coach. A spiritual coach is similar but takes a more holistic approach to help you tap into your higher purpose, and overcome life’s challenges.  


The term spirituality can mean different things to different people. To me, spirituality is not founded on religion. I don’t have specific religious beliefs, but I am respectful of all. I believe in a source energy that exists all around and within us. Call it creation, God, a quantum field, the universe or whatever you feel comfortable with. For me it’s about a truth of unity and oneness with all things, the scientific workings of universal energies and how we live as an intrinsic part of everything around us. I believe we are eternal spiritual beings (your soul) having a human experience.


Through my spiritual coaching, I help people from all faiths and none to use this energy, so they can find an inner truth, live an authentic, joyful life and achieve their dreams.


There’s no expectation for you to follow my beliefs and I always learn from others. After all, we are all one and equally loved in the eyes of a higher power, whatever that may be. My only intention is to support you to become the best version of yourself and fulfill your greatest potential.

“Vee is insightful, intuitive and caring. His calm demeanour created a safe place where I felt heard and seen. He gently guided me to identify aspects of myself from childhood that were the root of my feelings of shame, facilitating a connection and resolution. This brought an immediate sense of relief and release. I’m no longer troubled by feelings of inadequacy.” Vicky Raff, Anacortes, Washington, USA

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