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Soul Integration™

Soul Integration™ is an extremely powerful process developed by the THEO Group, Inc. that lets you identify subconscious parts of yourself that are stranded or stuck in the past. These parts and their related beliefs are usually connected to a particular trauma or experience and stop you moving forward with your life.


I am Soul Integration Certified by the THEO Group, Inc. to use the Soul Integration™ process in my work with individuals. During our sessions we’ll work together to get to the root of the experience so you can release it forever. This is a multidimensional process that works directly at the source of the problem. That means it can reach into the earliest parts of childhood or even past lives.


Soul Integration™ is particularly effective when emotions and internal feelings are misaligned with intentions and desires. This is often also a major block in our ability to create and manifest our dreams and desires.

Soul Integration™ can help you:

  • Release specific subconscious false beliefs that create a barrier to moving forward and succeeding in life.

  • Love lost parts of yourself, develop unconditional self-love and become more comfortable in your own skin.

  • Remove overwhelming emotional feelings that paralyse you from carrying out your intended actions.

  • Heal personal traumas at their point of initiation and release the corresponding energy from body, mind and soul.

  • Understand why you react the way you do in certain circumstances and change undesired behaviours.

Soul Integration™ or Spiritual Coaching?

I use Soul Integration™ with my Spiritual Coaching to overcome obstacles to transformation. It can also be used where there’s a need to develop more self-love as part of the wider coaching process.

Soul Integration™ is a targeted process for dealing with the limiting belief in a specific emotionally overwhelming situation. It is not a complete coaching service. It's better performed as a targeted follow-up solution after coaching. I often find that there is much more work to be done and usually recommend my coaching service as the place to start. It’s much more comprehensive, offering greater insights, deep transformation, and healing in any area of one's life.

Book your free 30-minute consultation

To help you understand more about Soul Integration™ I offer a free 30-minute personal consultation to determine if it's the best option for your requirements.

About the sessions

Each Soul Integration™ session takes up to 60 minutes and can be held in person or online.


To make meaningful progress with a targeted area, most people require more than one session as we can carry several experiences that create limited beliefs that require integration. There can also be more going on that you are not initially aware of. I have some packages for you to purchase multiple sessions.

“Are you ready for a spiritual transformation – and to know and experience yourself as the master that you are? Would you like to know what it feels like to truly love yourself – and to shift to a state of empowerment and receptivity allowing you to manifest the life of your dreams?” The THEO Group, creators of Soul Integration™ 

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