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What my clients say

Kind words from some of the wonderful people around the world I’ve been fortunate enough to help.

“A difficult interview experience resulted in extreme fear of the process. This led me to stay stuck in my existing job role for 20 years, as I always talked myself out of applying for jobs I liked. I had four coaching sessions with Virinder where we worked on the root of my beliefs about myself and letting them go. He worked through various tasks to increase my confidence. Afterwards I went for a management job and was successful. I remain very grateful to Virinder and recommend him to anyone.” Sheree Barlow, Nottingham, UK

“I decided to seek some support to get clarity regarding my upbringing and in particular my relationship with my now deceased father.


“I was a little sceptical of the process. I didn’t fully understand it or how I would benefit from it. I decided to keep an open mind as I really wanted to get something out of it.


“I booked two sessions. The first session seemed a little strange at first but I was guided by Virinder. He made me feel at ease and asked great questions to get the session started. I remember as we got further into the session, I felt my mind and body start to connect with who I believe was my father. I got a connection with him quite quickly. I was able to ask him some questions to obtain some personal clarity. I can’t really explain how. What I do know is that these two sessions have given me a level of clarity and understanding of my father that previously had clouded my mind for so many years. In an unexpected way I now feel at peace and free to do as I please.” Clive Shirland, Nottingham, UK

“Vee has a real gift for holding a loving, compassionate space. I felt so safe in his presence that my body defences were able to melt away. The hidden-to-me inner issues that I had held tight inside, protected, were able to come forth from my own knowing. I experienced a true healing through his gently guided inquiry in one session. A follow-up session revealed more information that has brought permanent relief to a chronic neck issue I have experienced for over 10 years. I found this process deep, thorough and efficient. Thank you, Vee.” Lesley Markham, Long Valley, New Jersey, USA

“Soul Integration™ has been life changing for me. It enabled me to get in touch with aspects of myself that had triggered emotions of shame and inadequacy for no apparent reason. It was a recurring feeling that kept me from moving forward into the life that I wanted to live.


“Vee is insightful, intuitive and caring. His calm demeanour created a safe place where I felt heard and seen. He gently guided me to identify aspects of myself from childhood that were the root of my feelings of shame, facilitating a connection and resolution. This brought an immediate sense of relief and release. I’m no longer troubled by feelings of inadequacy.


“I’ve since had many Soul Integration™ facilitations. I found that having a series of facilitations has allowed me to dive even deeper to uncover other triggers and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I highly recommend the process and working with Vee, a skilled and compassionate facilitator.” Vicky Raff, Anacortes, Washington, USA

“Virinder has a talent and skill for the Soul Integration™ process that is unshakable. In our work, he helped guide me with my own clarity and certainty, into recognising the little fragments of my childhood and memories that needed my attention and love. His presence in the process is gentle and kind and so very effective. I came out of my experience with him refreshed and with a renewed sense of peace and understanding that I have cultivated even deeper to this day.” Peter Biondo, Sedona, Arizona, USA

“I absolutely loved the Soul Integration™ session I experienced with Virinder! I started our session feeling confused and stuck. He guided me through the Soul Integration™ process where I received such peace, relief and clarity on my issue! Virinder is so amazingly present, focused, caring, supportive and intuitive! I truly attribute my session with him to me manifesting my desire with the issue! I highly recommend Virinder as a Soul Integration™ coach!” Julie Ann Panneton, Vancouver, Canada

“Vee was incredibly helpful in facilitating the Soul Integration™ process to work through some past trauma that had been hindering my success. He was very easy to work with and he immediately made me feel comfortable even though this process was new to me. I would definitely work with Vee again.” Brian Devine, Kansas, USA

“I have experienced many Soul Integration™ sessions and I have come to realise how powerful and sacred the process is for me. During any transformational work you may be vulnerable, so it’s important that you feel you can trust the one who is facilitating you. Virinder is very professional, trustworthy, gentle and compassionate. I felt very secure with him.


“Virinder was very calm and patient during the process and whenever I was stuck, he gently helped and encouraged me to go on. When the orphan came home, I had a feeling of relief and felt joyful, as when you have been reconnected to an old friend.


“I noticed that now when I experience a trigger, I’m able to stop it in its tracks. What used to trigger me rarely triggers me anymore. So, if you don’t feel any difference just after the session, it doesn’t matter because Soul Integration™ works long afterwards.


“I’m glad I took the session with Virinder and I appreciate his work. It has made a profound difference for me.” Ole Raff, Anacortes, Washington, USA

"One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself is to undertake spiritual coaching and Soul Integration™ with Virinder. He has opened me up to finding my orphans and bringing them back home to me, where they are safe. I am so grateful for his teachings, his kindness and his knowledge in knowing how to best help me. I am so appreciative to be guided to him.” Elenita Torres, Los Angeles, USA

“I had the pleasure of Vee working with me to facilitate the Soul Integration™ process. In the beginning of our session, I had a lot of childhood trauma that made me feel I did not matter, that I didn’t have a voice or a right to share my truth for that matter. As the session went on, rejection, sadness and grief surfaced. I’m so glad it did as it was deeply buried. By the end of my session I felt lighter and more free, and I found it easier to express myself. I was also reminded to have fun. 


“Vee held the space for me to process my emotions. He was very thorough, patient and asked helpful questions. There’s no doubt that with him holding a loving presence I was able to get through to the other side. Vee is also excellent in his relatability. Thank you Vee for giving me this opportunity to release those unwanted beliefs and feelings. Namaste.” Anne LeMantia, Richmond, Virginia, USA 

“Vee is an excellent and professional Soul Integration™ facilitator. He facilitated me with some limiting beliefs that I had. This resulted in me having an incredible and transformative experience. During the session he held the energy for me to overcome my limiting belief. I felt very safe and protected in his presence and energy. He was patient, kind and wanted to achieve the greatest results for me. Vee created a very safe and loving space for this to occur. After my facilitation I felt very empowered, and I feel I can accomplish anything I want now. I highly recommend Vee and this very powerful process.” Georgina Georgiou, Hertfordshire, UK

“I am very grateful for the Soul Integration™ session Virinder has facilitated for me so gracefully and compassionately. He has effectively helped me release a chronic nervousness caused by my high-pressure work and made me feel happy and inspired. Virinder is one of the best life health professionals I have worked with. He is deeply knowledgeable with many coaching tools, articulate, patient, and possesses an unusually sharp insight into human psyche. I have no doubt that he is one of the most sincere and authentic healers in the world and will not hesitate to recommend his service to anyone.” Anna Xiu, Lawyer, New York, USA

“When I started my package of coaching sessions, I had no idea what to expect apart from a feeling of needing to align with my soul and the spiritual part of myself.

“As part of the process, Soul Integration has allowed younger parts of myself to be seen and heard. This has led to much healing resulting in me being more soul-centred, as I’m no longer triggered in the same way.

“The coaching element has allowed me to believe in myself more and know that I am worthy. As a result, positive changes have occurred in different areas of my life! I am still on my journey, but I would definitely recommend working with Virinder, especially if you are feeling like you are in a stuck place, and want to change your life.” Anne-Marie, Nottingham, UK

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